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The ISW company has been operating on the market since 2004 and serving its purpose it is divided into two sections:

  1. addressing the expert clients in terms of arranging the country/international congresses, conferences, company presentations, workshops, seminars and accompanying programmes, catering, and other events. Your company´s press conference or trade-fair presentation are both natural parts of our service. (
  2. addressing the business clients in terms of arranging company events such are sporting days, outdoor/indoor events, team-building programmes, special children´s events, the companies´s Open Days, curling, catering, artistic performances, flower decorations, etc. (

As for the successful professionally organized international conference or workshop, we can offer you this full-range service:

  • Attendants registration via our websites, further we take responsibility to communicate with them
  • Conference fees can be paid on accounts in either Czech Crowns or Euros, or paid in cash directly on the spot
  • Wireless guide equipment for buses or town/noisy environment for rent
  • Supervision over the course of the conference
  • Welcome service – attendants registration, handing over the conference package/publications
  • Interpreter services into all world languages
  • Consecutive/chamber interpreting
  • Sound systems, microphone sets and interpreter equipment/facilities for rent
  • Head phone sets for all participants for rent
  • Voting sets for rent
  • Overall technical support
  • Suitable premises for each conference individually sought and rented
  • Social meetings and accompanying programmes arranged
  • Stewards and hostesses
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